Lunch and dinner menu

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Served Monday through Saturday from 11am-8pm



Fried green tomatoes $6.50

Southern classic Croby’s style! Deep fried and served with our red pepper peach sauce


Okra Fritters $6

Cornmeal battered and deep fried.  Served with our Comeback sauce for dipping


Fish Dip  $7

Growing up in South Florida we loved this so much we made our own! Catfish, onions & other good stuff served cold with fried tortilla chips


Pork Rinds  $5

Seasoned and served with a side of Comeback sauce


Stuffed Pups $6

Stuffed with pimiento cheese and served with our red pepper peach sauce


Fried Pickles  $6

Herb breaded pickle spears fried and served with a side of Comeback sauce for dipping


Pimiento Cheese  $6.50

Croby’s own with roasted red peppers and a blend of shredded cheese.  Served with slices of house bread and seasonal apple slices


Sprat's Sampler   $9

Okra fritters, fried green tomatoes, hush puppies and pork rinds served with Comeback & red pepper peach sauces. Named for our Uncle Jack “Sprat” who likes to nibble on a bit of everythingJ


Bread Basket   $5

Our house honey potato bread served with honey butter


Soup     cup  $3.50     bowl    $5.50

Brunswick stew or Soup of the day

Served with house bread: cup (1 slice) bowl (2)


House Salad  $5

Romaine lettuce, spring mix, julienne carrots, green tomatoes, sliced red onion, extra sharp cheddar cheese & house croutons


Protein toppers:

-Rotisserie shredded chicken or pork $3

-Chicken salad, add $3

-Buffalo chicken tenders, add $4


Croby’s salad dressings:

Honey mustard         Ranch     Bleu Cheese     Vinaigrette     Comeback (like 1000 Island)


Cup of soup and house salad $7




Served with one side

hot mess muffins $8.50

Sweet cornbread topped with pulled pork & chicken,  creamy pimiento cheese and bbq drizzle

chicken salad wrap $8.50

Croby’s chicken salad with roasted red peppers. Wrapped in an herb tortilla with romaine & red pepper peach sauce

grilled pimiento cheese $7.50

Toasted goodness served on Cuban bread

blfgt  $9

Bacon, lettuce and fried green tomatoes on toasted Cuban bread with Duke’s mayo.  Oh yes we did😊

veggie burger  $8.50

Homemade black bean-veggie burger seared with bbq sauce and served on a toasted sesame seed bun. Topped with Comeback sauce, mixed greens & sliced green tomato

the croby $9

Shredded chicken & pork sautéed with Croby’s bbq sauce. Topped with cole slaw and chow chow all on a green chili and cheese enrobed baguette


Served with two sides unless noted otherwise

from the rotisserie  

¼ Chicken…$8   ½ Chicken…$11

All white meat add 1.00 per ¼ Chicken

Shredded chicken or pork….$9

Whole chicken…$19.99 served with two half pint sides

and a bread basket

the carlisle $9*

Our shepherd’s pie. Layered cauliflower mash, rotisserie chicken and pork, collard greens, succotash & gravy

chicken tenders $9

Honey mustard marinated then breaded.  Oven baked crispy; flash fried to order.  Honey mustard on side

dippin' mac  $9*

Our mac & cheese topped with baked beans, BBQ chicken & pork and shredded cheddar. Served with fried tortilla chips

sides plate $7.50*

Choose 4 of our yummy sides

fish and chips $9

Fried catfish served with french fries and cole slaw

bbq sundae $9*

BBQ chicken & pork, cauliflower mash, baked beans and cole slaw layered in a Mason jar. Topped with shredded cheddar and a bbq drizzle. Served with a cornbread muffin

*No additional sides included




Each $2     Half pint (serves 2-3) $5    Quart (serves 4-6) $10




baked beans


cauliflower mash & brown gravy


cole slaw


cuz’s collard greens


french fries


house honey potato bread


mac and cheese


nana’s slow cooked green beans




sweet honey cornbread


sweet potato waffle fries




kids meals (10 and under)


Served with a side and cookie $5




grilled cheese




crispy chicken nuggets


mac and cheese






cookies  2.00


cakes 3.00


vanilla pineapple or carrot or


mama lou’s chocolate