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Croby’s: Because Virginia's History is Better with Updated Southern Comfort Food

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

There’s little doubt that one of the biggest attractions in Charlottesville, Virginia is Monticello. Thomas Jefferson’s stunning estate offers many unique tours that are absolutely fascinating. Most visitors continue on to see the Monticello Trail too.

But no matter how much you love history, the worst thing you can do is head there while hungry. On your way to Monticello, stop by Croby’s for some from-scratch southern foods that will fill your belly and warm your soul.

We’re a local and family-owned restaurant that does things a bit different. Think of us like our own separate tourist attraction and see why the locals are always stopping in for southern food in Charlottesville.

Before you go to Monticello, come dine with us for a unique ambience. We believe family mealtimes should be made for catching up over good food without modern distractions. Plus, we have blackboards all around that the kids (adults too!) are welcome to draw on.

In addition to a tour of Monticello, you can also take your own tour of our kitchen. We run a transparent place and we’re proud to show it off. When you’re here, you’re welcomed in like family for a true taste of southern hospitality.

That southern hospitality extends into our menus. For a hearty meal, try our bacon-wrapped meatloaf topped off with brown gravy. Another popular selection is our buffalo chicken salad. But there are plenty more things we’re sure will make you want to come back again to try them all. With a modern twist on southern comfort classic foods including a bounty of sides, rich desserts, and down-home service, you’ll have a memorable meal.

Some visitors love to take a picnic on the Monticello Trail though and for that we say pop on by and let us fix you a takeout order to bring along. We use 100% recyclable products for our to-go orders including containers, napkins, and silverware. You’ll be the envy of everyone else picnicking on the trail!

And even if you decided you could handle the tours at Monticello without eating first and find you’re famished afterward, stop in. Our huge portions will fill you up with plenty leftover, all for prices that give you the most value for your dollar.

We’re not the only place around, but we’re certainly the only place that will give you completely homemade, from-scratch food that tastes amazing, all for prices that are affordable enough to feed the whole family.

Stop in and meet our Croby’s family during your travels to the attractions in Charlottesville, Virginia. We’re looking forward to dishing up our unique and mouth-watering southern meals along with heaps of our southern hospitality.

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