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Discover the Best Way to Welcome New Citizens on July 4th

At Croby’s we love being on the way to Monticello, undeniably one of the most visited places in all of Charlottesville, Virginia. On the 4th of July, the esteemed estate of Thomas Jefferson is throwing a huge celebration to welcome new citizens in a massive naturalization ceremony.

This will be the 57th naturalization ceremony of its kind at Monticello, welcoming over 70 new American citizens every year. During the Independence Day Celebration and Naturalization Ceremony at Monticello, it’s a fantastic time to see this American landmark. It features an open house with a free walk-through tour of the estate’s first floor, plenty of patriotic American music, and plenty more…even Monticello root beer floats.

Did we have you at root beer floats? Yeah, it had us too.

Because we’re family, we want to say welcome too. While Croby’s will be closed to celebrate with our own families on July 4th, we’re open on July 3rd and July 5th and waiting to help welcome new and old American citizens alike with delicious from-scratch southern foods. We believe heaping portions of made-to-order comfort foods bring everyone closer together, especially when that food is at affordable prices.

For those visiting Charlottesville, you’ll find much to love about our beautiful little town. And at Croby’s, we like to offer you a slice of that in the form of food with a family environment you feel welcome in, wherever you’re from. We put the focus on our food and on creating a space that is free of technological distractions so you can enjoy your time eating together, as it should be.

And should you need to keep busy until we bring out your food, ask for a tour of our kitchen, or draw on our blackboards. Play tic-tac-toe, sketch your server, or even attempt to draw Monticello if you’re so inclined.

While we’d love to see you on the 4th of July, we’ll be busy but we hope you’ll stop in and see us before or after the holiday as you come into town for your visit or on your way out. You won’t leave here hungry no matter what you order, that’s for sure. While we’re revered for our bacon-wrapped meatloaf drenched in brown gravy, we have a big selection of big dishes that will satisfy your appetite and your soul.

No time to sit down and dine-in before you hit the road? We get it! We can get your takeout order ready in no time, made with 100% recyclable packaging products for a more responsible plan for our planet. Come grab some of our down-home homemade food on your adventures through Charlottesville for a patriotic way to support the country and the local businesses in it!

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