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Gift Certificates

Thank you for your interest in buying a gift certificate. Yes, we sell them for any amount you want. We are old school in that we hand write our gift certificates. At this time you can call us with your credit card number and we will mail the receipt/gift certificate to you or the recipient.

The support we've received during this pandemic has been overwhelming and I thank you.

I haven't advertised selling gift certificates for several reasons. First, is that the company who processes the cards charges a fee for each one. Second, y'all don't want to hear all the bad words I used in frustration trying to get the online ordering/payment system up and running. I can't bear the thought of adding something new to the technical side of our business at this time. lol. But not really lol. Lastly and most important-gift certificates are kind of like mini loans.

ONCE we reopen I don't want to have a crush of deferred bills and certificates at the same time.

We are watching our pennies and doing okay. How you can help us is to keep ordering food.

One day and one meal at a time we will get through this. Together.

With a little help from our friends.

Thank you:)

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